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Slub Yarn
 Slub Yarn

Slub yarn is purposely spun with slubs (thicker sections along the yarn). While it was once seen only as a defect, slub yarn is now intentionally created to give fabric more personality. By spinning slub yarn with repeating slubs, the material woven from it develops roves, or intentional patterns within the fabric.

Product Range: – 16’s NE to 30’s NE

High Twisted Yarns:

The term “yarn twist” describes how workmen wind the fibre around the yarn axis. Twisting the yarn makes it stronger since the number of twists determines the strength level. The yarn generates more power when it is twisted with a higher twist.

Our ability to operate our in-house ring-twisting technology gives us the flexibility to twist yarn to the ideal level of twist for a certain fabric specification.

High degrees of twist-level accuracy and reliable performance are offered by electronic drive control.

We can create hybrid yarns employing spun, multifilament, and monofilament yarns of different counts to create custom products by utilizing additional specialized twisting technology. Customers who need to introduce conductive, anti-static, or reinforcing yarns will find this especially helpful.

Product Range: – 16’s NE to 40’s NE

Reversed Twisted Yarns

Our Reversed Twisted Yarn are meticulously manufactured and known in the textile world. Its reverse twist design enhances strength and longevity. Versatile for various projects, it boasts premium materials and vibrant colours. Reversed twisted yarn has strength, elasticity, and a better physical structure of the thread.

Product Range: – 16’s NE to 30’s NE

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