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With the experience of 50 years in the textile industry, Sivanta Spuntex understands the client’s needs and the market. Mr Narayan Prasad Ajitsaria along with his son, Mr Vineet Ajitsaria, have ventured to promote M/s Sivanta Spuntex Private Limited. Sivanta Spuntex does not follow the trend instead it sets the trend. We specialise in producing high-quality yarns that combine Cotton, Poly/Cotton, Polyester Spun and Polyester/Viscose. This blend not only ensures durability but also introduces new sustainable fashion trends to the market. Our organization, which is led by a group of skilled professionals and workers, is committed to promoting a culture of continuous development and innovation in technology. Every element bearing our name, from our modern facilities to our continuous pursuit of perfection, shows reliability, ethics, and creativity.


Our mission at Sivanta Spuntex is to ensure our customers with superior yarn quality, durability, and innovation with sustainability & responsibility. Every product we make serves as proof of our dedication to creating yarns with an environmentally friendly future.


Our vision is to lead the entire global market in the textile sector and be recognised worldwide for yarn manufacturing & sustainable production. Our dream is to live in a world where quality is not simply talked about, but consciously created with care and responsibility.

Shri Narayan Prasad Ajitsaria

Chairman & Managing Director

Mr Narayan Prasad Ajitsaria is the Chairman and Managing Director of Sivanta Spuntex Private Limited, a leading textile company in India. He has a master’s degree in Commerce and has been in the textile industry for over 50 years. Under his visionary leadership, Sivanta has expanded its product range, increased its production capacity, and improved its quality standards. He has also been instrumental in establishing Sivanta as a socially responsible and environmentally friendly company. Mr Ajitsaria is widely respected and admired for his business acumen, innovation, and ethics.

Mr Ajitsaria’s vision for the future of Sivanta is to become a global leader in the textile industry, by offering high-quality products, enhancing customer satisfaction, and adopting sustainable practices. He wants to leverage his experience and expertise to create innovative solutions for the changing market demands and customer preferences. He also wants to contribute to the social and economic development of the country, by creating employment opportunities, supporting education, and promoting environmental awareness. Mr Ajitsaria believes that Sivanta has the potential to achieve excellence in every aspect of its business and create value for all its stakeholders.

Management Team

Mr. Vineet Ajitsaria


Vineet Ajitsaria is the esteemed Director of Sivanta Spuntex Pvt Ltd, a renowned manufacturing and exporting company specializing in yarns. With a Bachelor of Commerce degree and an impressive 24 years of experience in the textile industry, Mr Ajitsaria has been instrumental in steering the company towards success.

Under his leadership, Sivanta Spuntex Pvt Ltd has flourished, commencing its production in 2018 and boasting state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities equipped with 44544 spindles and advanced machinery from Lakshmi Machine Works and Schalfhorst. His vision and expertise have not only propelled the company’s growth but also reinforced its commitment to quality and innovation in the global yarn market.

Mrs. Sweta Ajitsaria


Mrs Sweta Ajitsaria serves as a Director at Sivanta Spuntex Pvt Ltd, bringing her extensive expertise to the forefront of the textile industry. With a qualification of CA Inter, she has dedicated 18 years to the field, showcasing her deep understanding and commitment to excellence. As the wife of Mr Vineet Ajitsaria, she stands as a pivotal figure in the company, contributing significantly to its growth and success.

Her tenure at Sivanta Spuntex Pvt Ltd has been marked by her strategic insights and financial acumen, which have been vital in the company’s journey to becoming a leading manufacturer and exporter of yarns. Mrs Ajitsaria’s role in the company is a testament to her profound knowledge and experience, which continue to drive the company’s vision forward.


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