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Compact Spun Yarns

Blended yarns combine two or more different types of fibres to create a new yarn with unique characteristics. These blends are popular in the textile industry for various reasons, including enhancing performance, improving durability, and achieving specific aesthetic effects.



Product Range: – 10’s NE to 40’s NE

Our Cotton Polyester Blended Yarns combine the softness of cotton with the durability of polyester in a well-balanced way. These yarns are perfect for a range of textile applications because they preserve colour vibrancy and guarantee long-lasting wear. Their varied performance and reliable quality enable them to fulfil the needs of contemporary industry.

Reversed Twisted Yarns


Our Polyester-Viscose Yarn is exceptionally strong and finely manufactured, making it suitable for a variety of uses, from industrial textiles to daily clothing. Its natural strength guarantees durability and promises long-lasting excellence in each stitch. This yarn offers exceptional comfort along with durability. The addition of viscose fibres gives textiles a rich softness that feels silky against the skin.

Product Range: – 15’s NE to 40’s NE 2/15 NE to 2/40 NE

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